Cryptnox single card setup tutorial

Setup your wallet on a single card with an on-card generated seed


With this process, a random seed is generated inside the card, and is never extractable. In this case, you have a very secure solution, but there are no backup option.


If the card is lost or damaged, there is no way to recover your digital assets. If a backup is required, look into the other initialization options.

Download the Cryptnox application

Ensure that you have downloaded and installed the Cryptnox App on your device. Launch the app to begin the initialization process.

Step 1

Select “Initialize”

Step 2

Select “Other options”

Step 3

Choose “Most Secure” and select “Continue” for the next step.

Step 4

Here you have three options:

  1. Select “Generate” to get both PUK code and PIN code automatically from the system.
  2. Enter manually in both text fields to create your own PUK code and PIN code.
  3. Scan QR code if you already have one that is infused with PUK code and PIN code.

This setup will proceed with the first option.

Select “Generate” and then “Continue”.

Step 5

It is really important to save your PUK code and PIN code, QR code OR save this screen somewhere so that you can reset the wallet if needed.

This is a highly important step. If you lose these, you won’t be able to get the account back.

Make sure you save this and then check “I have properly saved the access codes” and then select “Continue”.

Step 6

Select “Initialize” and place the wallet card at the back of the phone to enable the NFC to scan the card.

Step 7

Check two boxes to confirm that you understand this card contains the private key and you have properly saved the access codes.

Step 8

Setup process is successfully done and your wallet is ready.