The Next-Generation Smart Card for FIDO2 Authentication

The FIDO2 smartcard is based on a security standard created by the FIDO Alliance. By leveraging public key cryptographic technology, the FIDO system moves past the traditional 

methods of passwords and SMSes for 2FA authentication for faster and simpler consumer use. The FIDO2 smartcard is a shift towards phishing-resistant authentication and a password-less user experience.

Empower Your Digital Security

Experience ultimate protection against phishing and unauthorized access across all registered devices and websites. Utilize the FIDO2 Card as your robust second factor authentication, ensuring your credentials remain unassailably secure. Navigate your digital world confidently, safeguarded by a fortress of advanced, phishing-proof technology.

Windows login unlock

Save time with Windows Login Unlock. This feature keeps you logged-in and safe while using your FIDO2 smartcard. Activate this feature to keep your app logged-in without the need for re-entering credentials even after timeout.

FIDO privacy standard

Each internet site requires unique FIDO cryptographic keys, you can rest assured that your data is not tracked across different sites. With a minimum two device requirement, you can secure your login with your Iphone (as of IOS 16.3) as well as Gmail, Dropbox, Outlook, and 1Password.

Passwordless login

WIth passwordless and username-less login, FIDO2 you can enter the app without concern of ever losing your details. Keep safe without the need for saving copies of your login details.

Unmatched Security with the FIDO2 Smartcard

Boasting a Common Criteria EAL6+ certification, the FIDO2 Smartcard demonstrates its commitment to providing peak security, adhering to internationally recognized standards. Meticulously designed and rigorously tested, it offers a robust defense against digital threats, ensuring your credentials remain imperviously protected.