Smart Card for FIDO2 Authentication

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The FIDO2 smartcard is based on a security of passwords and SMSes for 2FA standard created by the FIDO Alliance. The authentication for secure and simple user FIDO system moves past the traditional methods experience.

Use as 2FA for Websites Login

As more and more websites implement the FIDO2 standard, experience ultimate protection against phishing and unauthorized access with a Cryptnox FIDO2 Card as security key for second factor authentication. 

Microsoft Windows Sign In

With Microsoft 365, register your Cryptnox FIDO2 card as physical security key in your account and use it for sign in.

Use as AppleID Security Key

Provide ultimate security to your AppleID account by registering at least two Cryptnox FIDO2 Cards in your Iphone as physical security keys.

Passwordless Login

WIth passwordless and username-less login, FIDO2 you can enter the app without concern of ever losing your details. Keep safe without the need for saving copies of your login details.

Unmatched Security with the FIDO2 Smartcard

Boasting a Common Criteria EAL6+ certification, the FIDO2 Smartcard demonstrates its commitment to providing peak security, adhering to internationally recognized standards. Meticulously designed and rigorously tested, it offers a robust defense against digital threats, ensuring your credentials remain imperviously protected.