Where is the NFC card placement for my phone?


The location of the NFC module varies among phones. For the most accurate card detection, please consult our guide at to find the optimal location.


Is it normal to encounter the "Tag was lost" error during card scanning?


No it is not. This can be caused by either moving the card away from the NFC antenna of the phone during communication, or because of an original wrong placement. please consult our guide at to find the optimal location, and make sure the card is standing still during communication. 


Why is the Cryptnox application not visible on the Store? Could it be restricted based on my location?


Our application is available worldwide. Nevertheless, it is  compatible exclusively with phones equipped with an NFC module. If a phone lacks NFC capability, the store will not display our application for download.


In a dual card setup, I encountered an error with the second card, and subsequently, a constant message appears stating, "Card has already been initialized."


We can always reset the card and start over again. To Reset, go to settings from top right corner -> Card administration -> Scan the card -> Reset the card.
Alternatively, we have another option “I have initialized card” which will guide through importing an already initialized card.


How can I change my card PIN or PUK ?


Click on the gear icon in the top right corner. Go to card administration. Scan the card that will allow options to reset PIN, reset PUK or reset card.