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The Cryptnox solution represents a transformative leap in the field of crypto hardware wallets. Seamlessly blending an intuitive mobile application with a streamlined initialization and backup process, it prioritizes the safeguarding of your digital assets with unparalleled simplicity. Experience the future of secure crypto management with safety and ease, ensuring your assets are fortified in a stronghold of security, yet always just a few taps away.

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The easiest way to secure your crypto

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Own your Keys and Secure your Crypto

Setting up a blockchain address with the Cryptnox hardware wallet is straightforward. Once you have received your card, follow the instructions in this video to activate your account and start using your Cryptnox card right away.

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Innovative Backup Solution

The Cryptnox card was developed to suit the needs of the growing crypto community. Our primary focus is bringing simplicity to the security that blockchain is known for. Using the Cryptnox card, you can backup your keys in a very short time with the backup card and the dual card initialisation process. Click below to access the startup guide, and have your cards operational in no time.


The Cryptnox hardware wallet is a secure and reliable way to store your digital assets. Our cards store the key pairs inside its secure element, so you can be sure that only YOU have access – no one else. With our app, biometric authentication, and the Cryptnox hardware wallet card, you can quickly sign transactions, transfer valuable cryptocurrencies safely, or simply store them securely.


You can connect your Cryptnox hardware wallet to other hot wallets like MetaMask, or Web3 platforms like WalletConnect for greater functionality. Through this feature, users can access all Web3 functions and use cases like DeFi, NFTs, and even GameFi. This is true for networks like Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and more, including all tokens connected to them. You can also manually add blockchains and tokens to your mobile applications as long as they are EVM compatible.

Our security helps to prevent unauthorized access and ensure that only you have control over your cryptocurrency.

Download our Cryptnox app

Download the Cryptnox app today to discover its simplicity and ease of use. We are sure that it will meet your crypto security needs and more.

You can download the app from your iOS App Store.

Frequently asked questions

The Cryptnox solution is a high security hardware wallet based on the latest smartcard technology available. A seed is either generated or injected as part of the initilization process, which makes it compatible with the BIP32 and BIP39 standards. When choosing the Dual Card Setup option, you can generate an identical seed in two cards in only seconds, and store the backup card in a safe place for recovery.

You can perfectly access the Cryptnox wallet mobile application without a card as long as a card was linked to the application previously. Without a card, you can check current balances, but a card is required to perform transactions.

Absolutely. The mobile application is compatible with the WalletConnect standard which allows you to connect to most online web3 dapp. Just choose WalletConnect as a wallet option, scan the QR code with your phone app, follow the instructions on the screen, and your wallet is connected. You can then perform Defi transactions and event mint or transfer NFT.

Storing your Pin and Puk together with either your backup card if you performed a Dual Card Setup, or a copy of your BIP39 (12 or 24 words) seed if it was externally injected, is a major security requirement. For protection, the Puk is required for reset.

You can only perform a Dual Card Setup with a pair or cards that was provided in the same pack. They should have a difference of one unit in the printed serial number.

Absolutely. If your seed originates from a BIP32/BIP39  wallet, you can inject it in a Cryptnox Harware Wallet card. For this, when starting the application, please choose “Other Options”, and “mnemonic”, and simply follow the instructions. You will be prompted to type in you 12 or 24 words seed. 

The Pin and the Puk work in a similar way for accessing a phone sim card. The Pin is generally required for executing a transaction on other Cryptnox Card compatible applications. 
The Puk has administrative privileges, and is required for pairing your card with the biometrics of your phone, or for reset.

Absolutely not. The wallet is  always created by the owner after receiving it, and a Cryptnox card is always required to perform transactions. It has no way to have access to your wallet.

The Cryptnox Hardware Wallet cards are compatible with bitcoin and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) based blockchains. Should an EVM based network or coin not be originally listed in the Cryptnox Wallet application, it can be manually added.

Delivery time can vary depending of location and sale channels. In general, it can take between one to seven days.

When starting the application, simply tap on “Dual Card Setup”, and follow the instructions. Both your cards will be ready to use in seconds! If necessary, you can also check our quick startup guide.

The Cybersecurity firm Cure53 was appointed to perform a security analysis of the card firmware.
For more info on Cure53, go to