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FIDO2 card for Bank of America

The Importance of Bank Account Security

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Now that bank fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated with their methods, securing your Bank of America is more important than ever.

With our FIDO2 Security Key, you have an additional layer of protection against phishing attacks, identity theft and unauthorised access to your account. Keep your Bank of America account safer with our innovative solutions and enjoy a more secured authentication. 

What is a Security Key for Bank of America?

Backed by the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance, a Security Key Card safeguards your Bank of America account with a cryptographic implementation, which ensures a more reliable way of authentication.

Compared to traditional password-based systems, a security key card cannot be tempered or exposed.

Fido security key for bank of america
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Why You Need FIDO2 Security Key

No one wants to become a victim of an account takeover and other bank frauds.

Most times, passwords can leave you vulnerable to these cybercriminal elements. This is because they can be hacked or phished.

Research has shown that more than 61% of data breaches occurred due to compromised credentials.

Our FIDO security key is a stronger alternative to passwords because it offers more seamless and secure access to your bank account.

All you have to do is simply sign in with your security key, without resorting to a username and password.

Benefits of the Bank of America USB Security Key

Unparalleled Security

Our FIDO2 security key offers an additional layer of security to safeguard your Bank of America account against all forms of phishing attacks, brute force attacks and other cybercrimes. You can be confident that your money transfer is highly secure.


Registering your security key is simple and fast. It is also a more convenient alternative to SMS-based one-time passwords, particularly if your mobile device can’t receive SMS or can’t have a phone number outside the US. 


Whether on your smartphone or personal computer, you can easily use your FIDO2 security key seamlessly. You can rely on our innovative solution to work with all your devices, browsers and applications. 

Secure your authentication

A More Secure Means of Authentication


Our FIDO security keys are designed to resist phishing and won’t leave you vulnerable to cybercrime. Reduce your reliance on passwords with our security key. This is one of the most secure ways to add authentication to your Bank of America account.

How to Set Up Your Bank of America Security Key

Bank of America Security Key Setup

It is very easy to set up your Security key for your Bank of America account. The steps below will guide you in securing your bank account :

  1. Purchase your FIDO2 Key: Buy your FIDO2 certified security key here or from our store.
  2. Log In to Your Account: The next step is to access your Bank of America online account.
  3. Navigate to Security Settings: Head to the security section within your account settings.
  4. Add Your Security Key: Follow the prompts to add your new security key. You may need to insert the key into a USB port or tap it on a compatible device.
  5. Complete the Setup: Confirm the addition of your security key and complete any additional verification steps.
Security key for your bank of america account

Frequently asked questions

The Cryptnox security key is a hardware-based authenticator that offers an extra layer of security for your Bank of America account. It is backed by the FIDO2 open authentication standard

Our security key safeguards against fraudsters and other cyber criminals who may want to attempt malicious activity on your bank account such as identity theft, phishing, data breach or fraud. It offers a higher level of security compared to push notifications and SMS. 

The security key is Level 1 certified and the secure chip used boasts a Common Criteria EAL6+ certification, ensuring compliance with high-security standards and offering robust protection against digital threats.

FIDO2 is usually seen as a more secure alternative to traditional two-factor authentication methods such as SMS or email codes since it utilizes localized data storage and encryption, lowering the risk of remote attacks.

With a security key, you can enjoy improved online security through the use of password-free authentication. This lowers the risk of phishing and identity theft. It utilises cryptographic keys to better secure your login.

Our security key is highly compatible with major browsers and operating systems that support FIDO2 protocol. This includes recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari on platforms like Windows and MacOS.

The security key offers an additional layer of security to your Bank of America password, not to replace it. 

You can still access your bank account and remove the misplaced security key from your account.

Setting up your Security key for your Bank of America account is very simple. The steps below will guide you in securing your bank account :

  • Purchase your FIDO2 Key
  • Log In to Your Account
  • Navigate to Security Settings
  • Add Your Security Key
  • Complete the Setup