Advanced SmartCard Technology for the Future

Innovative solutions related to blockchain applications secure authentication digital assets backup for consumers and businesses

Our Vision

Cryptnox specializes in solutions applicable to the next generation of blockchain payment networks, authentication and security, with a focus on user experience and simplicity. 

Going to the essential

Card Security

All our products are implemented in a highly secure environment with the latest chip technology.

Mobile Applications

User experience is a priority for us, with extended efforts deployed in the design and flow of our mobile phone applications.

Card Dematerialization

Already looking into the future, our research and development efforts are already targeting blockchain cards de-materialization.

A look inside our card technology

Our Chip Technology

Experience unparalleled protection and robust security implementation with our EAL6+ Common Criteria-certified secure element.
Designed for smart cards, this chip features cutting-edge technology that guards against advanced threats and ensures the highest level of data integrity.
Your transactions are secured by one of the most sophisticated technologies in the market.

Our beloved partners

Our product lines

Hardware Wallet

For the consumer

Cryptnox is the next step in the evolution of crypto storage. With its state-of-the-art card set, intuitive mobile applications, secure software and very simple initialisation and backup processes, keeping your crypto safe and sound is easier than ever.
Cryptnox cards arranged vertically


The FIDO2 smartcard is a perfect implementation of the related authenticator standard for single- or second-factor authentication. This product is Fido2 Level 1 certified. Cryptnox is a member of the Fido Alliance

CryptoCard Provider

Introducing our most advanced and sophisticated product for crypto exchanges, fintech and banks: the CryptoCard Provider solution.

Here, Cryptnox acts as a technology provider, with a firmware and software suite that allows you to offer your clients a fully initialized and replaceable hardware wallet. It can present itself either as a stand-alone card or embedded as an additional feature into their already existing payment cards!

Our applications

Download our Cryptnox application

After getting your hardware wallet card set up, download the Cryptnox Wallet app today to discover its simplicity and ease of use. We are sure that it will meet your crypto security needs and more. You can download the app from the Android or iOS App Store.

Download our FIDO2 Card Manager application

Manage your Cryptnox Fido2 Security key with the Cryptnox Fido2 Card Manager app. It allows you to manage all the configurations available on your Cryptnox Fido2 Card via NFC communication.