Main card features

Transaction history and Traceability

On Card Logging Features

  • On Card logging of past transactions
  • Total count of digital signatures
Multi Factor Authentication
  • Use Biometrics with Windows Hello
  • Use biometricc with IOS
  • Two Factor Authentication with Yubico Keys
  • Two Factor Authentication with any FIDO2 device
Multi Platform
  • Python Library with libraries for most common types of chains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum (and expanding..)
  • Can run on Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • IOS swift library for use on Iphones
  • Can run on arm32/64 hardware with Ubuntu Core20
User Friendly Backup
  • Option to simultaneous initialization of two cards with ever hidden and un-extractable secret keys
  • Option to backup secret keys on cloud solutions such as Amazon Web Services, using Key Management Services and Secret Manager
Easy Integration to any existing solution

Blockchain Agnostic

  • Use of IOS application for most blockchains with card NFC communication and QR code reading
  • Easy integration to any wallet and chain with QR code protocols such as WalletConnect and BIP70-72
User Data Storage

Storage and easy retrieval of:

  • Smart Contract Metadata
  • Blockchain endpoint parameters


About Cryptnox

  • Company

    Cryptnox was created in 2019. It designs secure elements for direct application to the fast evolving world of blockchain technology.

  • Mission

    It is focused on developing back-end advanced functionalities in order to enable the best user-friendly experience along solving the problems of private key management, authentication, identification and transactions traceability.

  • Solving security and best user experience

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