How to use Kiosk mode

Using Kiosk mode in the app and making payment.

Download the Cryptnox application

Ensure that you have downloaded and installed the Cryptnox App on your device. Launch the app to begin the initialization process.

cryptnox wallet app for mobile

Step 1

You will need to setup the hardware wallet card first. If you have not done it yet, you can use either of these methods to set it up.

Cryptnox dual card setup tutorial

Mnemonics setup tutorial

Cryptnox single card setup tutorial

Note: The following steps are going to take place after setting up the hardware wallet card.

Step 2

Go to settings and select “Kiosk Mode”.

Step 3

Configure a receiving address , tap top right “settings icon”.

Step 4

Tap desired option here.


In this example, we are going with “Enter an address” option.

Step 5

You can scan, paste or type the address and give it a label or tap “Change” to change token here.

Populate example here: If you scanned to populate the address field, remove the “ethereum:” or whatever prefix, addresses start from “0x”.

Step 6

Tap the newly created address and then tap “Submit”.

Step 7

It is now ready to use. You can enter a amount and tap “confirm”. Then you will have to enter PIN number.

cryptnox app mobile

Step 8

A pop up to scan your Cryptnox card will appear and perform the scanning.

Step 9

Congratulations. You have successfully used Kiosk mode for a transaction.
A pop up to view your transaction will appear.