How to use WalletConnect

Link with WalletConnect

Download the Cryptnox application

Ensure that you have downloaded and installed the Cryptnox App on your device.
Launch the app to begin the initialization process.

Ready a computer and Metamask account

For this tutorial, you need a computer to scan the QR code with the phone and already have a knowledge about crypto websites such as NFT marketplace and decentralized exchange aggregator.

Step 1

Go to the crypto website of your choice and select “Login”.

PS: In this example, we are using OpenSea.

Step 2

Select “WalletConnect” and you will see the QR code to scan from phone.

Step 3

Go to settings and select “WalletConnect”. Then press “Connect” button and scan the QR code from the website.

Step 4

You will get to the screen with detail informations to link with WalletConnect. Press “Connect” and then “Confirm” in the next screen.

Step 5

Scan your one of the wallet cards.

Step 6

On the website, select “Accept and sign”.

Congratulations. You have successfully linked with WalletConnect.