How to use WalletConnect on your Mobile Phone Browser

Link with WalletConnect from Mobile Phone Browser

Download the Cryptnox application

The Crpytnox Mobile phone application is compatible with mobile linking, which means that when you are connected on a web3 dapp on a mobile phone browser, you can
use the Cryptnox Wallet mobile application on the same mobile to log in with your wallet.

Step 1

Go on the Web3 app website you want to connect. (such as

Step 2

Choose “Connect a Wallet” and choose “WalletConnect”

Step 3

Tap “View All” and search for “Cryptnox”.

Step 4

Tap on “Cryptnox Wallet” and then when prompted “Open this page in Cryptnox Wallet”, tap “Open”.

Step 5

You will be redirected to the Cryptnox Wallet app to accept the connection, press “connect”.

Successfully connected

After the first connection, the Cryptnox Wallet icon will show up immediately when choosing “WalletConnect” on any app.